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Discover A New Level To Massage Therapy

Getting a massage before transitioning into a float session can offer deeper levels of relaxation and healing. The massage works on the physical level, kneading out the knots and tension from your muscles, preparing your body to embrace the stillness of the float tank fully. Following it with a float session allows your body, now free from muscular tension, to drift into a profound state of relaxation effortlessly, while your mind follows suit amidst the serene isolation of the float tank, amplifying the rejuvenating and restorative effects of both.

Every body is different

Whether you’re looking for relief from chronic pain or simply seeking some much-needed R&R, each session here at Infinity Float Center is tailored to meet your individual body needs, aimed at easing troubled minds, soothing sore muscles, improving circulation, increasing energy, promoting healthy sleep and encouraging all around happiness.

Clients are seen in a tranquil and comfortable environment.

Treatment can be with as light or as deep pressure as the client desires, always focusing on relieving pain and tension in areas of concern, as well as working with the whole body to achieve balance and harmony.

“I usually do the back on track with a massage, followed by a float. I find it a great way to slow down and hit the reset button.”

Vinny C.Verified 5-Star Google Review


My massage therapist paid close attention to my aches and pain with wonderful hands and instructions for home.

The float after my massage added that extra degree of total relief from my work stress. I slept like a baby when I got home. Love this place.

Fireman CharlieVerified 5-Star Review On Google

Simple tranquility

At Infinity Float Center, we have taken a thoughtful decision to steer away from offering a multitude of add-ons for our massage services. This choice is rooted in our commitment to delivering an undiluted, high-quality core experience to each client.

In a world crowded with options, we choose simplicity and mastery, ensuring that the core massage therapy you receive is of exceptional quality. Furthermore, we believe in the intrinsic therapeutic harmony achieved when combining massage with our float or acupuncture sessions. Each therapy, while remarkable on its own, complements the others beautifully.

By encouraging our clients to pair a massage session with either a float or acupuncture session, we aim to provide a holistic wellness experience that is both enriching and uncomplicated. Our approach places the emphasis on achieving profound relaxation and healing, rather than navigating a complex menu of add-ons. Through this simplicity, we aspire to foster a tranquil environment that focuses on the individual’s journey toward holistic well-being.

“I love this place …everyone is so nice! Everything is exceptionally clean, best float ever. Andrea is a life saver with massage and acupuncture.”

Rachel A.Verified 5-Star Google Review

Our passionate team

Charrisa Barbour


My name is Charrisa Barbour but I prefer to go by Chucky. I am married and have two boys. I studied massage therapy in the Clear Lake Area at the Texas School of Massage and have been licensed since 2009. My passion for the art of massage continues to grow but I have currently taken extended hours in many different modalities from Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Prenatal, Hot Stone, and Frozen shoulder issues, to just mention a few and am still enjoying the art of learning. I am also certified in Equine Massage which was my real reason for ever learning massage for humans and becoming a licensed professional.

My gift as a massage therapist is awesome to share with my clients but my true belief is: I am a helper not a healer. I am only helping your body help itself, I do not fix or heal, I am merely a tool to help you help yourself. It is a huge reward to be a part of my clients’ lives. I truly do believe in what I do and believe that the human body is amazing in its ability to self-heal.

Andrea Fiedler

MAOM, Dipi, O.M. (NCCAOM), L.Ac., LMT

Andrea is a University of Houston Alumni and Houston native. Before finding her passion in the healing arts, she spent several years teaching and traveling around the world. She has been a licensed massage therapist since 2006 and is proficient in several massage modalities including, Swedish, deep tissue, prenatal, lymphatic, cranial sacral as well as body balancing. After a few years as a full time massage therapist, Andrea felt called to expand her skill set to further help her clients enhance their health & well-being. So, she embarked on the adventure of acupuncture college.

Andrea completed her Masters of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine at the American College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in 2013. She is a nationally certified Diplomate of Oriental Medicine & a Licensed Acupuncturist in the state of Texas. She is qualified in. Acupuncture, Chinese herbs, Chinese bodywork and more. Her treatment interests include general practice, digestive health, women’s health, stress/emotional related disorders as well as pain management and injury recovery. She also has additional training in distal needling acupuncture & cosmetic acupuncture, which she has been using since 2018.

Need the ultimate relaxation?

Get Back On Track with a 60 min. massage and float or experience the Ultimate Bliss with 90 minute sessions.

Enhance Your Experience

Float Therapy

Choose from 60 or 90 minutes of peaceful silence and serenity as you float effortlessly in salty water

Discover a new realm of relaxation at Infinity Float Center, where the calming essence of float therapy complements the soothing touch of massage. As you float in a serene, skin-temperature solution, your body is free from the sensory stimuli of the external world, paving the way for deep relaxation akin to the tender kneads of a massage session.

Pairing a float session with a massage harnesses the benefits of both therapies, orchestrating a journey towards profound tranquility and rejuvenated well-being. Come, explore the harmony between touch and stillness, and elevate your wellness routine to a harmonious cadence of calm and healing at Infinity Float Center.


Acupuncture is one of the oldest and most commonly used forms of natural, traditional medicine in the world—dating back 5000 years.

We invite you to experience holistic rejuvenation by pairing acupuncture with massage therapy. Acupuncture, an age-old practice from traditional Chinese medicine, gently activates your body’s energy pathways or “meridians” through thin needles at strategic points, aiding in alleviating pain and balancing inherent energies.

Coupling this with the tender, stress-releasing touch of a massage creates a synergy that targets physical discomfort and cultivates a deep sense of wellness and tranquility. Our certified practitioners ensure a soothing journey through both modalities, tuning into your body’s unique needs. This combination fosters profound relaxation and well-being, enhancing your body’s natural healing rhythms in a tranquil, nurturing environment.

The massage was relaxing and a perfect intro to the float tank. The float tank experience was amazing for me. I felt like I was mentally prepared to get in there and start working on me.

A. S.Verified 5-Star Review On Facebook

Are your Massage Therapist's licensed?

I made a Massage appointment when I was in pain but I'm feeling better today. Should I keep my appointment?

I like deep tissue and don't feel like I've gotten my money's worth if I'm not sore the next day. Will the therapist use the extra firm pressure that I like?

What do I wear when I'm coming in for a massage? Do I have to completely undress?

As a male, I'm concerned I may get an erection during a massage. How can I get a massage without offending the therapist?

I have back acne, a skin condition, didn't shave my legs, etc. Will my therapist be grossed out or offended?

Should I talk during my session?

Does massage hurt?

Do you offer Couple's Massages?

I would like to book a massage and a float on the same day. Which one do I do first, does it matter?

Do you have female and male therapists?

Is it safe for me to get massaged if I have a medical condition (diabetic, pregnant, epileptic, etc)?



Great experience. Massage was wonderful and the float is great. It's only my 2nd time to float so I am still learning how to get the most out of (relaxing that is) but I am finding my groove. Will float again soon! The facility is so clean and the float rooms are very roomy. The lounges are very relaxing!

Cathy CrateVerified 5-Star Review on Google

I had a great experience for a first time floater! The place was exceptionally clean and decorated well with spa lounge areas. Ms. Donna did an AMAZING job on my massage that helped me fully ready for my floating experience. The staff is very nice and helpful. Great Place, definitely recommend and will be back! Thank you for taking care of me on my birthday! ❤

Illneisha DavisVerified 5-Star Review On Google

I started with the massage and the massage therapist chatted with me for a few moments to understand what I was looking to get out of the massage, any problem areas I would want worked on, what kind of pressure I prefer etc. I never once felt uncomfortable about what was happening. I was so at ease my mind began to drift and I had to bring myself back to the present moment. The table and room were perfectly warm, there was soft music in the background and it was the perfect environment to be able to fully relax without a care in the world.

Casey ColemanVerified 5-Star Review on Google

What a great experience! It was my wife and I first time at Infinity float center. Cody was super friendly and helpful with showing us the ropes. The floating experience was peaceful and relaxing. The atmosphere was also relaxing and friendly. Next time it’s the couples massage for us.

Joshua SilvaVerified 5-Star Review on Google

Need a reset?

Get Back On Track with a 60-minute massage and 60-minute float for only $160


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